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B. Gonzales
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a couple of houses in Arizona. When the bubble busted, my credit busted with it. I sold the houses with the last being a short sale. Recently I began working towards buying a house and realized that my credit score was in bad shape. I did some research how to fix it and the general consensus is that the best way to fix it is to engage a credit repair company. To be honest, I was very skeptical on the work that these companies could do. I’ve been burned in the past with services such as this. At the beginning, I worked with Lexington Law, as they are big and have good reviews, but cancelled the contract in less than a day. When talking with them they mentioned that they could not address my questions because I was one customer in 30 thousand customers. I don’t understand who would want to be treated like that. Through a recommendation from my mortgage advisor, I decided to talk with Guiding Hands. The first few phone calls with Shawn were very promising. I felt a one-to-one communication with him and the company with an acceptable level of engagement. To be honest, I am not an easy customer, being a Quality Engineer I tend to be very detail oriented. The Guiding Hands team worked through my requests with high professionalism. At the end of a 3 month engagement, I find myself very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend anybody that has credit issues to give Guiding Hands and Shawn Stewart an opportunity to help.