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Leslie V.
Renton, WA

I came to Guiding Hands with a low credit score and high hopes, they far exceeded my expectations. After a stint of delinquent bills and a car repossession in my early 20's, I tried my best to use my credit wisely moving forward and pay everything on time. My score steadily rose to the low 600's after several years of hard work, however I still could not get approved for any major purchases. 

I do not know what or how to even start working on correcting my credit history, that's when I reached out to Guiding Hands. 

My initial consultation was very informative and they were able to guide me on what the best plan of action for my situation would be. They NEVER pushed for my buiness or made any outlandish guarantees, but I was sold based on their knowledge and professionalism. 

After signing up for Guiding Hands, there was very little left for me to do and Guiding Hands took over. After four months every negative item was off my report and my score rose to 798! What a difference this has made in my life. I recently went to talk with a banker about getting a loan and after viewing my credit score she said to me, "Wow, you must have been doing something right!" and she was absolutely correct; I made the decision to work with Guiding Hands!