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P. Brain
Puyallup, WA

In December, I had to file bankruptcy after going through a divorce earlier that year.  In July, my daughter discovered she had derogatory information on her credit report.  She contacted me as she didn’t understand how this could happen if she had never had any type of “credit”.  When we explored it further, we found that two of the credit card companies that were involved in her father and my bankruptcies, were reporting on her credit report.  When my daughter was a teenager, we allowed her to be an “authorized signer” on our credit card in case she needed to use it for an emergency/gas, but I couldn’t recall if she had ever used it.  I called one of the credit card companies to attempt to resolve the issue myself.  They were immediately defensive and argumentative and told me it didn’t matter that she was a minor, or that it wasn’t her credit card, that she would be held accountable to this derogatory credit.    I called my bankruptcy attorney and he referred me to Shawn Stewart at Guiding Hands.  What a relief!  They started on her case immediately and had resolution for her by the end of the second month.  I didn’t have the time or the knowledge to fight the companies on my own and after my short attempt to speak to someone, I had a feeling it was best left to the professionals.There are some issues surrounding bankruptcy that are quite complicated.  I am so glad I was referred to Guiding Hands.  As a parent, the last thing I wanted was to see my daughters credit affected through no fault of her own.  She now has a completely clean credit report.